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First impressions are now more important than ever – in a harsh world where nothing gets a second chance. Commercial concrete floor finishes are popular in hotels, lobbies and other welcoming parts of any business – it is all about this first and few critical seconds, in the eyes of their guests.

Harmony among the anointed building materials; commercial concrete floor finishes; enticing; attractive – these are all not only desirable attributes – but a clear “must-have” for these spaces. The clients business’ very survival may depend on the choices made here. With this matter of grave import in mind, Ecoflor® MicroConcrete applies all of its dedication, appearance and aestheticism to the job at hand, adding ultimate perfection and seduction to the other design elements in its vicinity.


Ecoflor® MicroConcrete is simply not a short-term and speculative product. Everything about the brand and the surfaces it adorns has a razor-sharp focus on long term horizons. Its ability to remain “high quality” over protracted periods of time is remarkable.

Extraordinarily strong, even under highly abrasive conditions, Ecoflor® MicroConcrete imparts a longstanding feeling of appealing aesthetics that spring from within. Its underlying and inherent strength resists and ultimately defies severe workloads on a permanent basis.


Where space is at a premium – or a large surface needs to be “made” even larger in the minds of those present. The silky-reflective spectrum available here allows the designer to massage, sculpt and increase accurately and precisely the desired volume of any perceived space.

Or, master the overbearing proportions of any space by reducing reflective surfaces. A matt finish brings control and certainty to any textured segment of a room or other spaces – when “shiny” is quite simply not the way to go.

Light grays

A lighter grey palette enlivens the surface and the surrounding contemporary space. A certain amount of increased and tangible energy and “lightness” fills such an environment – with such a hint of a pensive mood, combined with a more pronounced lack of self-restraint and exuberance.

Formal grays

Restrained, controlled and classical by nature – this palette is definitely more suited where the designer is emphasizing a deliberate structure, unless the colour bears a contrasting responsibility. Elegance and reserved or opulent and luxurious – formal and darker hues can oblige the most demanding composition of any designer

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