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Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Finishes.

Interior - Exterior - Horizontal - Vertical

We are committed to one thing, Micro Concrete, and we do it better than anyone else.

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Ecoflor® 2mm MicroConcrete Surface Finish consists of a base cementitious material achieving excellent compressive, tensile and flexural strength and has extremely high abrasion resistance. Engineered as a functional floor finish and vertical surface covering, Ecoflor® Micro Concrete presents a genuine concrete look. Ecoflor® Micro Concrete opens to a multitude of designer applications. Coloured Stains or Integral Colours and a variety of textured or smooth finishes. All products are Australian made. We are committed to one thing (Micro Concrete) and we do it better than anyone else.


Ecoflor® is Eco-Friendly, Water-Based and Clean Lay - Installation During Construction or Post Fit-out. Interior Flooring - Exterior Pavements - Feature Walls - Stairs - Pillars - Benches - Wet Areas - High Traffic Commercial Projects - Retail Outlets & Logo Designs. Ecoflor Micro Concrete can be applied over most substrates including Concrete - Chipboard Floors - FC Sheeting - Tiles - Plaster


Ecoflor® MicroConcrete is simply not a short-term and speculative product. Everything about the brand and the surfaces it adorns, has a razor-sharp focus on long term Horizons. Its ability to remain “high quality” over protracted periods of time is remarkable. Extraordinarily strong, even under highly abrasive conditions, Ecoflor® MicroConcrete imparts a longstanding feeling of appealing aesthetics that spring from within. Its underlying and inherent strength resists and ultimately defies severe workloads on a permanent basis.

1 Product
4 Step Fast Process
7 Year Guarantee
10 + Years R&D


Model Agency Melbourne
Retail Outlet
Clothing & Accessories


Ecoflor® MicroConcrete unfolds a plethora of alluring design options for any space, vertical or horizontal. Advanced engineering enables Ecoflor® MicroConcrete’s floor covering, including its cementitious base – a virtually limitless array of fresh permutations and combinations – of attractive colours and intelligent design.

Deceptively Simple

The concept, whilst novel, is pervasive and organic. Modern in the true sense of the word. Deceptively simple – because it is all mostly made with cement, a few other ingredients & a large infusion of relentless aesthetic standards. Feature-like floors look back at the owners of the feet that travel across them. Even designers […]


Feature Walls & Benches

Both walls and floors can be sleekly redesigned in novel fashion, seamlessly updated – faithfully and diligently following the designer’s ultimate vision, creativity and guidelines. Kabuki Haircutters Darwin


Residential Space

Not just aesthetics… Ecoflor® MicroConcrete gives an overall sense of permanence, by the way the surface looks and feels. However, this is not mere perception. The Ecoflor® MicroConcrete Base Coat is both chemically & mechanically bonded to the Substrate. Such that, with the right care (Observing our easy AfterCare Instructions), our product exhibits tremendous durability, […]


Public & Retail Space

Welcoming guests the right way First impressions are now more important than ever – in a harsh world where nothing gets a second chance. Hotels, lobbies and other welcoming parts of any business – it is all about this first and few critical seconds, in the eyes of their guests. Harmony among the anointed building […]


96 Popular Colours

Ecoflor® colour range of 48 standard colouring pigments which give 96 colour shades for exceptionally coloured micro concrete. It also offers several other benefits allowing us to achieve even better results:

UV Stable

Ecoflor® inorganic mineral oxide pigments are UV resistant

Colour Matching

Ecoflor® can match any colour desired at no extra cost

Shading Options

Ecoflor® offers 2 easy dose rates (full dose and half dose) in off-white cement base mixture

So Many Greys

Ecoflor® range span the most widely-used colours with excellent coverage of blacks and greys

Non Fading

Proven suitability for the Australia’s high UV levels, temperature range and diverse weather conditions

Premium Quality

Colours are blended with quality control at every step. Pigments are uniform in colouration strength

What others say

“Ecoflor has given us a textured but seamless and join-free result, without the exposed aggregate impression that we dearly sought to avoid. It was able to be trowelled into every nook and cranny of our large floor space, we were able to select from a vast array of colours, and we’ve ended up with an extremely professional and architecturally modern floor in our kitchen, dining and lounge areas.” 

Melanie Zammit
Melanie Zammit
Home Owner

“Thank you for laying our flooring for our two bathrooms on “The Block”… Not only did you get it finished in time, but the expert judges loved the concrete floor and gave us 1st place position! The quality of your work was second to none!” 

Alisa and Lysandra
Alisa and Lysandra
“The Block”

"We have been wanting to polish our floor for nearly six years now, but we were concerned about how it would turn out – now we wish we had done it much sooner!"

Thanks, Richard and Sarah.
Thanks, Richard and Sarah.
Mt Martha

“It’s unique, very aesthetically pleasing, and where other similar products cannot be used outdoors or in retrofit (renovation) situations, Ecoflor can!  We recently used it for a project where there were existing tread rectification issues with a substrate, and we were very pleased to find it worked perfectly… and the installation process is clean.” 

Ben Martini, Project Manager,
Ben Martini, Project Manager,
Harrold & Kite

“Ecoflor’s MicroConcrete Flooring System looks a million bucks!  It produces a high-end, extremely durable and high-quality finish – every time.  Where other polished concrete products have let us down before, Ecoflor’s system and actual products have been flawless…You simply can’t go wrong!”   

Nick Aylward,
Nick Aylward,

“It’s contemporary.  It’s seamless.  It’s flexible, and it can be applied with or without added texture and colour.  It’s such a beautiful finish, and a welcome alternative to having to use timber, tiles, concrete slabs, or any other traditional commercial products and coverings.”

 Dinesh Kumar
 Dinesh Kumar

“The benefits of the Ecoflor system extend to being able to be applied more quickly and efficiently than other concrete types.  It can be used to cover and resurface old concrete floors (with or without cracking), and has a quicker cure time… it’s perfect for a multitude of situations including feature walls (both indoors and out).”   

Blair Smith
Blair Smith
Waterproofer and Concrete Repair Expert

Specification of Ecoflor® MicroConcrete Flooring System

We are committed to one thing, MicroConcrete, and we do it better than anyone else.

The Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Flooring System specifies two coats of Ecoflor® Epoxy Binder, a 100% solid epoxy that achieves a chemical bond with the substrate. The second coat of Ecoflor® Epoxy Binder is applied within the open time to achieve a second chemical bond, and specially selected Kiln Dried Sand is broadcast over the second coat whilst curing to produce the mechanical bonding of the next layer. Other benefits of the Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Flooring Epoxy Binder Priming method are; reduces the damaging effects from rising moisture, reduces hairline cracks mirroring through the finish usually caused by substrate cracking and because of its superior chemical and mechanical adhesion, resists chipping, if a hard object is dropped on the floor.

The Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Base Coat is then applied and is mechanically bonded to the Primer. It reaches over 40 MPa Compressive Strength and a mean abrasion index of 0.1 indicating wear resistance suitability for high traffic applications. The Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Top Coat is a finer grade cementitious coating designed for polishing and hardening and is an aesthetic layer applied to achieve a bona fide burnished concrete look. Compressive strength: 7 Days 35MPa - 14 Days 38.5MPa - 28 Days 41.5MPa • Service life expectation 20 years – subject to exposure conditions and maintenance.

When finishing, Ecoflor® Polyurethane Adhesion Promoter is sprayed over the whole floor area to ensure proper adhesion of the UV resistant Water Based Polyurethane seal coats. This is followed by: Ecoflor® EcoCoat Primer. A lower viscosity, 2 part Water Based Polyurethane with added Adhesion Promoter to penetrate the surface and promote cross linking adhesion. Ecoflor® EcoCoat Gloss. A higher viscosity, 2 part Water Based Polyurethane that is a build layer and ensures extended wearability and flatness. Ecoflor® EcoCoat Satin or Matt. A higher viscosity, 2 part Water Based Polyurethane that produces the desired finishing sheen and longevity.


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