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Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Finishes.

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We are committed to one thing, Micro Concrete, and we do it better than anyone else.

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Ecoflor® 2mm MicroConcrete Surface Finish consists of a base cementitious material achieving excellent compressive, tensile and flexural strength and has extremely high abrasion resistance. Engineered as a functional floor finish and vertical surface covering, Ecoflor® Micro Concrete presents a genuine concrete look. Ecoflor® Micro Concrete opens to a multitude of designer applications. Coloured Stains or Integral Colours and a variety of textured or smooth finishes. All products are Australian made. We are committed to one thing (Micro Concrete) and we do it better than anyone else.


Ecoflor® is Eco-Friendly, Water-Based and Clean Lay - Installation During Construction or Post Fit-out. Interior Flooring - Exterior Pavements - Feature Walls - Stairs - Pillars - Benches - Wet Areas - High Traffic Commercial Projects - Retail Outlets & Logo Designs. Ecoflor Micro Concrete can be applied over most substrates including Concrete - Chipboard Floors - FC Sheeting - Tiles - Plaster


Expert Technical Support - Design & Specification Assistance - Substrate Requirements & Materials Sourcing - All High-Quality Product Requirements Supplied - Installations by Trained Professionals - Australia-wide Installations Available (Conditions Apply) - Post Installation Support - Applicator Advanced Training, Support & Assistance - Guidance for Applicators during appointments - Maintenance Programs - For Consumer Information (info@ecoflor.com.au) & Hotline 1300 326 356


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5 Popular Colours

Gris colour mix is known for its ease of use, cost-effectiveness and exceptionally coloured micro concrete results. It also offers several other benefits allowing you to achieve better results:

UV Stable

UV and alkali stable, weather resistant and insoluble in water.


Lightweight ergonomic packaging in 250g container, reducing handling requirements and eliminating dust exposure.

Premium Quality

Strictly manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality System Certification for reliable colour and consistently high quality results.

So Many Greys

Standard pigments in the Ecoflor range span the most widely-used and functional colours, with excellent coverage of blacks and greys.

made for australian conditions

Proven suitability for the Australia’s high UV levels, temperature range and diverse weather conditions.

Premium Partner

All colours are manufactured and blended by Cathay Industries allowing us to apply the strictest quality control at every step.

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Features & Benefits of the Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Flooring System

We are committed and focused on one thing, and we do it better than anyone else.

The Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Flooring System specifies two coats of Ecoflor® Epoxy Binder, a 100% solid epoxy that achieves a chemical bond with the substrate. The second coat of Ecoflor® Epoxy Binder is applied within the open time to achieve a second chemical bond, and specially selected Kiln Dried Sand is broadcast over the second coat whilst curing to produce the mechanical bonding of the next layer. Other benefits of the Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Flooring Epoxy Binder Priming method are; reduces the damaging effects from rising moisture, reduces hairline cracks mirroring through the finish usually caused by substrate cracking and because of its superior chemical and mechanical adhesion, resists chipping, if a hard object is dropped on the floor.

The Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Base Coat is then applied and is mechanically bonded to the Primer. It reaches over 40 MPa Compressive Strength and a mean abrasion index of 0.1 indicating wear resistance suitability for high traffic applications. The Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Top Coat is a finer grade cementitious coating designed for polishing and hardening and is an aesthetic layer applied to achieve a bona fide burnished concrete look. Compressive strength: 7 Days 35MPa - 14 Days 38.5MPa - 28 Days 41.5MPa • Service life expectation 20 years – subject to exposure conditions and maintenance.

When finishing, Ecoflor® Polyurethane Adhesion Promoter is sprayed over the whole floor area to ensure proper adhesion of the UV resistant Water Based Polyurethane seal coats. This is followed by: Ecoflor® EcoCoat Primer. A lower viscosity, 2 part Water Based Polyurethane with added Adhesion Promoter to penetrate the surface and promote cross linking adhesion. Ecoflor® EcoCoat Gloss. A higher viscosity, 2 part Water Based Polyurethane that is a build layer and ensures extended wearability and flatness. Ecoflor® EcoCoat Satin or Matt. A higher viscosity, 2 part Water Based Polyurethane that produces the desired finishing sheen and longevity.


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