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Ecoflor® MicroConcrete unfolds a plethora of alluring design options for any space, vertical or horizontal. Advanced engineering enables Ecoflor®’s concrete floor covering, including its cementitious base – a virtually limitless array of fresh permutations and combinations – of attractive colours and intelligent design.

Both walls and floors can be sleekly redesigned in novel fashion, seamlessly updated – faithfully and diligently following the designer’s ultimate vision, creativity and guidelines.

The concept, whilst novel, is pervasive and organic. Modern in the true sense of the word. Deceptively simple – because it is all mostly made with cement, a few other ingredients & a large infusion of relentless aesthetic standards. Feature-like floors look back at the owners of the feet that travel across them. Even designers and planners feel the exhilaration of having such a large variety of colours and textures – to craft and sculpt into their projects. The ubiquitous designs can adorn a swathe of surfaces e.g. benches, Stairs, walls, pillars, and pavements.

It’s not just looks either – Ecoflor® is strong and unusually robust. Fine aggregates have been specifically designed and engineered to add strength, whilst increasing visual and aesthetic appeal. The designer is not constrained in any way, finally experiencing true freedom of choice.


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