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Internal Floor Covering Package for up to 15m2



Inclusions in this kit:

  • QTY 1 Ecoflor® 600 Cement BASE COAT 15KG Natural White
  • QTY 1 Ecoflor® 300 Cement SECOND COAT 15KG Natural White
  • QTY 1 Ecoflor® Micro Cement FINISH COAT 10KG Natural White
  • QTY 3 Ecoflor® Concrete Modifier 2.5L 
  • QTY 3 Liquid Colour Dispersion 200ml If colour selected
  • QTY 1 Ecoflor®EcoCoat Floor Sealer 5L KIT 

Ecoflor® Features

  1. FAST TURNAROUND - 3-day application. Follow the step by step installation instructions - HOW TO USE.
  2. VERSATILITY - Can be applied over most substrates including Concrete - Chipboard Floors - FC Sheeting – Tiles.
  4. PREMIUM QUALITY - All materials are sourced from High Quality Australian Manufacturers.
  5. ECOFRIENDLY All materials are water-based and no solvents are used.
  6. RECOGNISED - Pioneering in 2009, Australian made Ecoflor® is the original MicroConcrete product in Australia.
  7. TECHNICAL DATA are found on individual product pages.


THIS PACKAGE from $73 PM2 for the full system
ALL MATERIALS are Australian Made 

We Can

  • Provide you with materials and installation instructions for your project.
  • Offer technical support and guidance in your design stages
  • Estimate your MicroConcrete material requirements
  • Free delivery to over 40 Collection Points Across Australia


PICK UP at 40 Collection Points Across Australia. Select your pick up location above.

Delivered in 5 boxes of around 30cm x 30cm x 30cm and 50KG in total.

Due to the bulkiness, we can not deliver this package to residential address'.

If you are not able to pick up from any of our 40 Collection Points, we can deliver this package to any commercial address eg: warehouse, shop or office building.

Contact us for more information.