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“We found ourselves in a desperate situation, whereby we had a concrete floor that was supposed to be a burnished concrete finish, based on the surface polishing of our original structural slab, with sub-floor heating beneath it. It proved to be a disaster! After scouring for a more refined replacement surface (devoid of the aggregate look), but still with an industrial-type burnished concrete appearance, we found Ecoflor. And thank goodness we did. There were several constraints to contend with, and finding the right product and installation process was complicated because our cabinetry was in place and our walls were already painted. A new floor needed to fit within those parameters, and virtually every alternative we researched just wasn’t going to work for us, or our stage of the build at that time. The other options we explored could not offer any guarantees either, due to the likelihood they might crack, and most especially because of our sub-floor heating situation. 

Ecoflor has given us a textured but seamless and join-free result, without the exposed aggregate impression that we dearly sought to avoid. The micro concrete system was able to be trowelled into every nook and cranny of our large floor space, we were able to select from a vast array of colours, and we’ve ended up with an extremely professional and architecturally modern floor in our kitchen, dining and lounge areas. It’s definitely on-trend, the installation process was hassle-free, and the result is fresh and edgy but without being ‘too out there’. We certainly wanted a finish that wasn’t likely to date too quickly either, and we’re thrilled with the uniform colour achieved. We knew we had a big wish list, but we were delighted to discover a system that was multi-faceted, slightly textured, and that would not affect our floor levels (as most of the other potential options would). Ecoflor’s product was also able to be installed within a short timeframe. It was tricky organising an otherwise tradie-free week at this advanced stage of our renovations, but the relief we now have (in getting the perfect solution sorted) far outweighs anything else. The fact is, we were in trouble and Ecoflor’s MicroConcrete Flooring System really came to our rescue.

Our installer was very generous with his time in explaining the flooring process, the product’s properties, and care requirements. We also needed to ensure that the best possible weather seals were in place to ensure optimal drying results. Within a week, we were able to begin. The big bonus with Ecoflor’s unique product and installation process was not having to remove our cabinetry, so a few extra installation precautions were nothing in the scheme of things.

As a stylish, designer product, Ecoflor is really lovely, highly recommended, and we can’t wait to enjoy our new floors for many years to come.” Melanie Zammit, Home Owner (2017)

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