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Ecoflor® EcoPoxy WB - Epoxy Primer 8L Kit


EcoPoxy WB – Water Based Epoxy Coating & Primer in light grey

EcoPoxy WB is a water based, solvent free epoxy primer coat for concrete floors and walls. Ideal for use as a primer for the Ecoflor Micro Concrete Finishes Systems on both concrete and tile substrates.
EcoPoxy WB also provides a moisture barrier with a 2-coat application and can be used for tanking of concrete and masonry structures. The water based nature reduces personal hazards of solvent inhalation and eliminates possible fire risk.


  • As a primer for Ecoflor Micro Concrete Finishes.
  • On concrete flooring substrates that are not fully cured allowing for immediate installation of Ecoflor Micro Concrete.
  • As a primer for tiled substrates prior to installation of Ecoflor Micro Concrete on both floors and walls.
  • As a waterproof membrane and tanking of concrete and masonry structures with a two coat application.

Packing 8 Litres (4 litre Part A and 4 Litre Part B)

Coverage 8-10m2 per coat per litre

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