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Ecoflor® Natural Enhancer 2.5 L


Ecoflor® Natural Enhancer 2.5 Litres

Ecoflor® Natural Enhancer is a single component non-flammable solvent-based penetrating sealer. Natural Enhancer penetrates deeply and reduces capillary absorbency so water, oils and greases can no longer penetrate the surface as easily. These materials remain on the surface and can be wiped off before they cause stains. Natural Enhancer improves stain resistance, wear resistance, hardness and scratch resistances and will not alter the structure or underlying appearance of Ecoflor® MicroConcrete surfaces.

Ecoflor® Natural Enhancer is designed for Ecoflor® MicroConcrete vertical applications such as walls and pillars. Protecting surfaces that need little maintenance over years of use. Ecoflor® Natural Enhancer is used to enhance the appearance and longevity of Ecoflor® MicroConcrete vertical surfaces while providing clarity and stain resistance, leaving a natural appearance and feel.

• Hardens and prolongs wear of micro concrete surfaces
• Provides maximum abrasion and stain resistance
• Interior & exterior use
• Complete the sealing process in one day
• Easy application
• Will not alter the profile of micro concrete surfaces
• Non-flammable
• Reduces absorbency

Coverage rates will vary depending on the porosity of micro concrete surfaces. Following application instructions, 1 Litre typically treats between 4m2 - 40m2 per coat of Ecoflor® MicroConcrete surfaces depending on porosity.

Technical Data

Natural Enhancer TDS