Deceptively Simple

January 5, 2020 | no responses | 2398

The concept,

whilst novel, is pervasive and organic. Modern in the true sense of the word. Deceptively simple – because it is all mostly made with cement, a few other ingredients & a large infusion of relentless aesthetic standards. Feature-like floors look back at the owners of the feet that travel across them. Even designers and planners feel the exhilaration of having such a large variety of colours and textures – to craft and sculpt into their projects. The ubiquitous designs can adorn a swathe of surfaces e.g. benches, Stairs, walls, pillars and pavements.


Colour – Bridging the gap between texture and form

The initial selection of greys can be easily customised, configured or discarded for any suitable colour arrangement. Whether the blacks and greys provide an excellent coverage of the most widely-used and viable compositions – or not – colour schemes can be expertly constructed. The idea of the designer can then be faithfully implemented within a range of fresh accents, lightness, enticing warmth or even evoking comparatives with nature.


How about texture?

These days, members of a more discerning public also pay close attention to the “feel” of their environment. This is not only colour, but rather surroundings augmented by the perception of a wider range of available and palpable texture – using Ecoflor® MicroConcrete EcoCoat Technology allowing for the designer’s composition to allow for satin or matt finishes.



Where space is at a premium – or a large surface needs to be “made” even larger in the minds of those present. The silky-reflective spectrum available here allows the designer to massage, sculpt and increase accurately and precisely the desired volume of any perceived space.


Or, master the overbearing proportions of any space by reducing reflective surfaces. A matt finish brings control and certainty to any textured segment of a room or other spaces – when “shiny” is quite simply not the way to go.