Residential Space

January 5, 2020 | no responses | 3643

Not just aesthetics…

Ecoflor® MicroConcrete gives an overall sense of permanence, by the way the surface looks and feels. However, this is not mere perception. The Ecoflor® MicroConcrete Base Coat is both chemically & mechanically bonded to the Substrate. Such that, with the right care (Observing our easy AfterCare Instructions), our product exhibits tremendous durability, even under high levels of stress & heavy foot traffic – up to a service life expectation of 20 years. (Compressive strength: 7 Days 35MPa – 14 Days 38.5MPa – 28 Days 41.5MPa).




No need to pay extra for “extra” quality

Whilst some of our competitors offer different versions of their product (e.g. a premium v/s a “not-so-premium” option), Ecoflor® has
decided that it ALL has to be premium. We have deliberately resolved that “SUPERIOR” is not optional, making Ecoflor® MicroConcrete synonymous with “Higher performance” in all facets.



It’s not just looks either

Ecoflor® MicroConcrete is strong and unusually robust. Fine aggregates have been specifically designed and engineered to add strength, surfaces – limited only by our imagination – surfaces e.g. walls, floors and benches.