Public & Retail Space

January 5, 2020 | no responses | 2053

Welcoming guests the right way

First impressions are now more important than ever – in a harsh world where nothing gets a second chance. Hotels, lobbies and other welcoming parts of any business – it is all about this first and few critical seconds, in the eyes of their guests. Harmony among the anointed building materials; enticing; attractive – these are all not only desirable attributes – but a clear “must-have” for these spaces. The clients business’ very survival may depend on the choices made here. With this matter of grave import in mind, Ecoflor® MicroConcrete applies all of its dedication, appearance and aestheticism to the job at hand, adding ultimate perfection and seduction to the other design elements in its vicinity.



Extreme resilience for Commercial surfaces.

Ecoflor® MicroConcrete reaches over 40 MPa Compressive Strength and a mean abrasion index of 0.1 – clearly indicating wear resistance suitability for high traffic commercial projects & applications. Our surfaces seem to look forward to the challenge of “extreme high abrasion” – resisting chipping to the bitter end – even if it were to rain sharp objects. In fact, this abnormally high resilience has been engineered and sculpted in Ecoflor® MicroConcrete’s very DNA. What’s more, our product has been continually developed, groomed and progressively tested to this level of performance. And now, Ecoflor® MicroConcrete has been mastered with this unique “resilient” trait, simply charming fit-out designers every single time.