Wet Areas Review

Wet Areas “As a Waterproofer, Construction Membrane Expert and Concrete Repairer, by trade, I saw great benefits for my own business professionalism in doing the Ecoflor Concrete Micro-topping Installer Training Course.  Our business offerings are totally compatible.  My job is to prepare surfaces for overlays of all types, and most particularly in wet areas.  With waterproofing, it’s vital to get the pre-preparation jobs done properly, and even more especially when a refined concrete finish is to be applied over the top.

Having seen Ecoflor work on their systemised flooring solution, I was instantly attracted to how easy it is to use, and how the finished product is perfect for a multitude of situations (both indoors and out).  Concrete repair works, in the past, necessitated jack hammering the original concrete away, but, with Ecoflor, there’s a fantastic simplicity in being able to get a really nice finish that only needs to be applied as an overlay.

I did five days of training with Ecoflor.  There were two courses involved.  One was the Concrete Micro-topping System and the rest of my training was centred on Polished Concrete, Surface Preparation Processes, and Crack Injection.  Absolutely everything was covered in a way that was tailored to our group, based on what we wanted to learn, with total respect for our (individual) existing knowledge and experience as tradespeople.  There were theoretical components that required some written work, but this was tempered with hands-on practical lessons, and the best part was that we could really learn how to install the product by doing it!  The trainer answered all of our questions and the course was so well organised. 

The course contents were structured very well and particularly add value to those of us who engage in commercial construction works.  Ecoflor’s Concrete Micro-topping System lends itself brilliantly to hotel and multi-storey front entry foyer areas, where foot traffic is high and cleaning needs to be easily done.  It’s also perfect for shop floors and even walls.  I was most impressed to see it applied to a feature wall as well.  The wall was blended with colours to complement an attached Indigenous Artwork.  And then it can be layered to produce incredible benchtop finishes.  In every use, the concrete overlay system can produce different results based on aesthetic and practical requirements, by varying the trowelling method, adding texture, and many different colour pigments.

The benefits of the Ecoflor system extend to being able to be applied more quickly and efficiently than other concrete types.  It can be used to cover and resurface old concrete floors (with or without cracking), and has a quicker cure time.  Traditional concrete floors really need 28 days of cure time, and then should be sealed.  It is, however, very common for this to be fast-tracked.  Construction timelines don’t ordinarily allow for a site to just sit and allow this traditional concreting process to go to specified lengths.  So, 9 times out of 10, there are problems that arise in the not-too-distant future.  Ecoflor’s System is thinner, but stronger, and applied with a scientific process that is both in demand from today’s Architects and Designers, and has proven guarantees (as long as the System and Products are used and applied in the correct way).  Ecoflor’s system is a much better option, the finish is always better, and the client is usually astonished with the results.

The Ecoflor Concrete Micro-topping Training Course has really enhanced my existing skills and understanding of my own trade, and what I have learned has already added value to my specific business offerings.  It was well worth doing and I was so impressed with how well it was organised and delivered.  Highly recommended!!”  Blair Smith, Eye Of Design Waterproofing and Caulking Division, Ecoflor Concrete Micro-topping Course Training Graduate (2016)