Polished Concrete Products

“Ecoflor’s Concrete Micro-topping Flooring System looks a million bucks!  It produces a high-end, extremely durable and high-quality finish – every time.  Where other polished concrete products have let us down before, Ecoflor’s system and actual products have (to date) been flawless.  It is much more user-friendly, it has an incomparable hardness, and it can be laid without the need to remove skirting boards, there’s no need to install it before other room surfaces have been painted, and it can be used to cover existing and water-damaged concrete floors with excellent results.  It’s ability to be used either indoors or outdoors, on walls, stairs and high traffic areas also means it has multiple and highly-flexible capacities, making it a current favourite with today’s architects.

We are a floor finishing and floor surface preparation company, and we use polished concrete products all the time. Our experience with a vast array of floor types is extensive.   Ecoflor’s Micro-topping System was introduced to us during a tender process, and now that we’ve used it many times, it has become something that we have recommended to others, time and time again.  Ecoflor’s System has a superior, more refined finish than its competitors, and its hard-wearingness is unique.  Applied with a three-trowel process (where other systems are a one-trowel application process), this compacts the surface, meaning the end result can be sanded (if required) before applying the specified top coat.  Because it is only xmm thick upon completion, it also doesn’t overly raise the floor height of any existing floors it is used on.  This minimises the complexities of any sub-floor preparation process for us.  We’re also able to get a better finish than other similar polished concrete product offerings can provide.

Ecoflor readily supplies us with their product without delay, and have gone above and beyond to get what we need to us in urgent on-site situations.  To say we’re impressed with their knowledgeable and reliable service (and their system) is an understatement.  Client responses have been 100% positive on every occasion, which has certainly boosted the reputation of our company for having suggested it in the first place.  Our clients find it easy to clean, with its seamless surface, and have continually praised it’s benefits over having to use tiles or other dated flooring products for similar floorspaces in the past.

Ecoflor’s Concrete Micro-topping Flooring System is definitely the market leader where we’re concerned.  It’s a complete system of fantastic one-stop-shop products (including a broad selection of colours and a purpose-designed sealer), giving extraordinary results, and definitely value for money.  It’s so much better than anything we’ve used before! 

In our business, we have to get the job done within specified timeframes, satisfy fastidious client expectations, and with this system we couldn’t get a nicer finish.  We’re even at liberty to contact Fabian at any time if we have queries about how to improve our techniques to ensure the finish is the best it can be.  With Ecoflor, you simply can’t go wrong!”  Nick Aylward, (2017)  

Some Before & After Images of Nick’s fantastic work using our polished concrete products.