Polished Concrete Overlay Training

Polished concrete overlay training

“The durability, beauty and sustainability of Ecoflor’s Concrete Micro-topping finished surfaces is obvious once you have studied the theory behind it, experienced the training that is required to install it, and have the opportunity to learn how to actually prepare the surface, apply each layer, and then seal it properly.

Ecoflor’s training system is excellent – a mix of technical theory, terminology and practical work, you are taught the process of the brilliant system in a step-by-step manner.  Fabian has ensured that the steps are easy to understand, and he works through an explanation of the products and how they were specifically formulated from high quality materials, to a formula he created personally.  Naturally we all had questions and he answered each one clearly, so that the learning was meaningful and directed at every person’s level of understanding.  Getting to lay real sample surfaces during the course, with Fabian’s on-hand guidance, was really great.  It showed us how simple the process and system is, and that it doesn’t take long – as long as you follow the instructions properly.  A component of the course also included ways in which we could sell the product, and generate leads for future jobs.

I was introduced to Ecoflor’s Concrete Micro-topping System several years ago, and worked on actual jobs with the company.  I was drawn to the craftsmanship and creativity of the surfaces we installed and saw, first hand, how easy it was to apply.  Having done the course, I now aim to set myself up as an installer in the future.  It’s something I can easily do to supplement my income, and it will give me a change of pace from working as a qualified Myotherapist.

Because the finished look is so unique, it’s easy to think it’s a hard training course – but it’s not!  Absolutely anyone can do it.  The benefits of being trained also means that I can jump into an industry that is crying out for this type of flooring, wall and benchtop surfacing.  It’s contemporary.  It’s seamless.  It’s flexible, and it can be applied with or without added texture and colour.  It’s such a beautiful finish, and a welcome alternative to having to use timber, tiles, concrete slabs, or any other traditional commercial products and coverings.

I’ve tried other concrete topping finishing systems, but experience has taught me that Ecoflor’s system is my personal preference.  Using it is bankable, it will allow me to turn a profit in a specialised industry, and I’ll have the assurance that, with Ecoflor, less things can go wrong than the other methods I’ve seen and tried in the past.  I also know that Fabian will always be only a phone call away if I’m doing a job and I need quick access to some technical advice.  He’s a very patient educator with a deep passion to teach others how to create bespoke Concrete Micro-topping finishes with his system.  Requests for these types of surfaces is growing, all of the product components are easily purchased from Ecoflor, and Architects are quickly catching on that this is becoming a fast-track success story – and more installers are going to be needed to keep up with customer demand.  

The training ran for 2-3 days, it was truly value for money, and I highly recommend it.  It’s given me the career switch readiness I wanted, with a pretty much guaranteed income in years to come.  It really is that good!”  Dinesh Kumar, Ecoflor Concrete Micro-Topping Installer Course Graduate (2015)

Dinesh’s results after completing his Polished Concrete Overlay Training