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BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES – Micro Concrete Applicators

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Boost Your Skills & Your Business, By Partnering With Ecoflor® as a Micro Concrete Applicator



For Experienced Concrete Preparation/Repair/Coating Specialists


The Ecoflor System is growing and we have work waiting, territory offerings around Australia, and a Complete Micro Concrete System, with proven products, that are swooping the design and building industry!


Since our work on Channel Nine’s “The Block”, with Lisa and Lysandra in 2013, and being awarded two winning bathrooms, not to mention our work on many high-end architecturally designed homes, and for leading retailers (such as Nike, Off-White, Platypus, Lipstik, and a plethora of others), our business has gone from strength to strength.


Our Ecoflor System has been developed to significantly cut down on traditional methods of having to rip up old and damaged concrete and pour new slabs, or needing to remove existing tiles, and/or completely replace current surfaces.  With Ecoflor, you can recoat just about any surface, and create a stylish solution in a fraction of the time it takes to lay other concrete surface methodology on the market.  You don’t have to remove skirting boards or cabinetry, you can coat walls, outdoor area surfaces, benchtops and stairs – all backed by a warranty based on correct application techniques and quality product usage.


And that’s where your association with Ecoflor can bring you the advantage over your competitors.  It’s the perfect solution for a stylish and fresh on-trend surface treatment – in both Commercial and Residential situations.  Developed by Concrete Services Group, with over twenty years of experience in the industry, Ecoflor has over two hundred happy clients already – and we’re moving with a bullet!


Our applicators have the potential to expand their businesses, with our full support, product supply, and training options, and become part of the fastest moving revolution in floor coverings and surface rejuvenation.


There is work waiting for the right tradespeople, and we’re bent on making sure that your training is the best there is – facilitated by the creators of the process, who will give you access to unique and in-demand products that are proven to perform to the highest standards.



  • Is Quick and Easy to Apply

  • Results in Minimal Floor Height Adjustment

  • Is Sought by Architects, End Users and Installers – as a contemporary high-end finish in Retail, Commercial and Residential situations, and is

  • Available in Acid Stain or Integral Colours, and able to be applied using a variety of Textured or Smooth Finishes.




For starters, we’ve got work waiting for the right people!


Every job is different and the correct application using the correct materials is crucial to a successful and long-lasting install.  That’s why working with Ecoflor, with its already proven track record over many years already, is the right choice for new concrete surface restoration tradespeople who are breaking into the industry, and for those who want to be at the cutting-edge of being able to provide a service that’s making architectural and floor and surface restoration news around the country.

The benefits include:

  • Being provided with a proven sub-business model

  • On-site job training and more advanced training at our workshops

  • Full installation instructions and on-site assistance (where required)

  • Technical application support and back-up

If you are an experienced Concrete Preparation, Concrete Repair, and/or Concrete and Surface Coating Specialist already, we want to hear from you!



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Become part of our Ecoflor team

And learn how to apply our Micro Concrete System