Ecoflor suitable for Under Floor Heating

August 14, 2014 | no responses

Ecoflor Concrete overlays suitable for underfloor heating. Ecoflor® Acid stain Overlay Concrete Microtopping is one of the only concrete overlays suitable for underfloor heating. Suitable for application over under floor heating, whether it be hydronic or electric floor heating. There are many options when it comes to under floor heating so here we will discuss […]

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How to choose the right sealing system

December 23, 2013 | no responses

It is essential that, in the design and construction stages, there should be full consultation with the Ecoflor representative and/or the specialist flooring contractor to ensure that the sealing system to be selected is entirely suited for the conditions both during application an in subsequent service. Consideration should therefore be given to whichever of the […]

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