Public Space

The Ecoflor® MicroConcrete Flooring System is a popular surface for retail, commercial and public buildings and spaces for many reasons. It is as strong and durable as concrete but Ecoflor® products are smoother and have greater design flexibility.
Architects, designers and renovators can feel secure that Ecoflor® products are popular in commercial and public buildings because they are durable, sustainable and easy to clean and maintain.
A wide range of colours and textures make it easy to match and enhance the look and feel of any retail, restaurant or public space. Logos or stenciled designs can be also be embedded.

Ecoflor® products are quicker to install than concrete and can be applied in days to meet commercial timelines. They are durable, low maintenance and sustainable.


Ecoflor® MicroConcrete Flooring products have been originally designed to withstand vehicle traffic so it handles high foot traffic areas, indoors and outdoors, with ease. It is easy to clean and UV stable, meaning it will not yellow, deteriorate or fade.

Ecoflor® products can be sealed with stain resistant and antimicrobial sealers ideal for food or spillage areas. Non slip sealers can be used for wet areas.

Ecoflor® installations with the proper maintenance will last the life of any building.

Easy Maintenance

All floors require care and occasional resealing but Ecoflor applicators offer back up maintenance services and sealers if required.

Floors require new sealer coats periodically according to traffic and wear but new sealer coats can also be applied, DIY, by owners or staff. The finish of Ecoflor® maintenance guarantees a brand new look with every seal.


Ecoflor® products are a sustainable material. It recycles with concrete to form crushed rock for subsequent uses.

Ecoflor® products absorb and transfers heat and ensures underlying concrete retains positive thermal properties.

Ecoflor® sealers contain zero or very low volatile organic compounds (VOC). All materials are water based.