Residential Space

The Ecoflor® MicroConcrete Flooring System is a great solution for contemporary homes and apartments, rebuilds and renovations. It has been designed to give a polished concrete aesthetic in a wider range of colours and textures.

Architects and interior designers choose Ecoflor® products to achieve seamless indoor-outdoor aesthetics. Ecoflor® products are more portable and cleaner to install than concrete and are therefore ideal for multi-level or upper level apartments.

Walls, benches and architectural features like spas or garden beds, look superb coated with Ecoflor® products. Anti – slip sealers can be applied to ensure Ecoflor® surfaces are slip resistant and ideal in wet areas inside or out.

Colours and textures can be selected to match and enhance any design or renovation.

Ecoflor® products can be used to renew existing floors and surfaces including tiles as well as existing cement screeds or concrete.  They will give any interior or exterior a new and contemporary finish. A great solution for stained or flawed, pre-existing floors.