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Polished Concrete Overlay & Microtopping Training Seminars

Concrete Services Group, an Australian leader in the field of concrete flooring and decorative concrete overlays, pays great attention to the training of its applicators. One of the only decorative concrete overlay companies in Australia that offers ongoing polished concrete overlay & microtopping training seminars for its product installers. We are currently seeking to obtain and train a network of highly qualified polished concrete overlay & microtopping installers in whom we can trust to liaise with building specifiers and designers, providing technical information and winning customers.

Our polished concrete overlay & microtopping training seminars will be held in our Melbourne based warehouse for those wishing to become installers of Ecoflor’s Acid Stain Overlay Microtopping and associated products. This material is ideal for resurfacing concrete floors and exterior pavements, walls, bench tops, columns and just about any object or surface. It is the Ecoflor product that is capable of enhancing designer spaces and modernising any environment by coating surfaces in a simple, colourful, quick and easy application of concrete at only 2 mm thickness.

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What you will learn at our polished concrete overlay & microtopping training seminars

Various uses for concrete microtoppings

Preparation for various surfaces

Concrete remedial work and preparation

Mixing and colour integration

Troweling techniques

Various finishing methods

Various sealing systems

Maintaining a concrete microtopping surface


Areas covered in the polished concrete overlay & microtopping training seminars are both theoretical and practical, providing not only knowledge about the coating of surfaces in our Microtopping, but also important business aspects of the services you will provide, and they are directed exclusively at tradesman, whether concreters or builders, plasterers, painters, tilers or concrete polishers or coating specialists. If you are new to Microtoppings and want to gain experience and create a profitable addition to your business, then these lessons will be an invaluable and inexpensive investment. The training is given by a highly-specialised and experienced applicator, in a productive and cheerful atmosphere.

While Microtoppings are very easy to use, it is important to understand in detail how to apply this cement-based material and make it profitable:

polished concrete overlay & microtopping training seminarsAt our polished concrete overlay & microtopping training seminars

You will also Learn

Website advertising

Lead generation

The sales process

Quantity estimating and costs

Value adding / upselling

How to provide customer quotes

Documentation requirements

Most importantly Customer Satisfaction


We will also be offering our training participants more advanced, high end concrete overlay application training after having some practice and having gained some experience with concrete microtoppings. This is the easiest entry into concrete overlays with minimal start up costs, and only very basic fundamental principles to learn and full ongoing support will be provided.

Our newest Ecoflor applicators are achieving excellent results with our Concrete Overlay systems. Here’s a photo sent in by a Melbourne based installer. They had used Ecoflor Acid Stain Overlay Concrete Microtopping in a custom colour grey to reguvenate this residential floor. It’s concrete and it’s only 2mm thick and therefore offering minimal disruption to the home during application. This product is suitable for interior, exterior, horizontal and vertical surfaces. Can be applied directly over tiles for an economical and speedy renovation.

Our 2 day training seminars are arranged on demand

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Polished concrete overlay & microtopping training seminar classes are small with a maximum of 4 participants. Courses do fill fast so act now to avoid disappointment. Any individual or company that completes the course will have access to purchase the materials and will be given job leads in their area when available.

To register your interest in the upcoming or any future polished concrete overlay & microtopping training seminars, please use the contact form provided and a registration form will be emailed to you. Held at our Melbourne Training Facility

2 Price Street, Oakleigh South, Victoria 3167