Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Flooring System

Architects, Residential Home Builders, Residential Home Owners, Commercial Project Managers and Interior Designers are flocking to use Ecoflor®’s Micro Concrete Flooring System, to give their floors a seamless finish that is modern, elegant, architecturally stunning, and durable.  You’ll get a consistent, reliable finish, with Quality Assurance and a 10 Year Warranty with our micro concrete flooring.

Ecoflor® is as strong as concrete, fast curing, & it’s easy to maintain and clean!



Ecoflor ® is Applicable to a Multitude of Settings and Situations

  • Direct overlay on old and/or damaged concrete floor substrates – repairs, cracks and cavities are fixed first, by installers, for a professional finish
  • Renovations in existing homes and commercial premises – without having to remove old flooring or tiles, over heat slabs, in wet areas, over vertical and horizontal surfaces (e.g. benchtops and walls), and indoors and outdoors. Your cabinetry and skirting boards will not ordinarily require removal either.
  • Where your existing floor height needs to remain at a particular depth for floor height compliance – so it’s less bulky than many other flooring types
  • Creating colour and texture to enhance modern designer touches, that go deeper than just painting walls and changing floor coverings
  • Changing an interior or exterior colour palette, without changing wall colours, cabinetry and other interior design elements in an existing space
  • Stairways or small steps
  • In direct sun areas – will not fade or deteriorate (ask us about our UV Resistance Promise and any extenuating circumstances)
  • Where over-powering construction odours and extensive mess must be avoided – our products are all eco-friendly, water-based, and ensure minimal dust and debris is created in the laying process

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Full Professional Consultancy Services Available


concrete floor overlay


Why Choose Ecoflor® Micro Concrete Flooring System?

 Polishing old concrete has unpredictable results. It can reveal flaws, cracks and cavities, whereas our system has been developed by Concrete Services Group.

With over 20 years of experience, in every kind of concrete and floor surface coating, we set out to create a unique concrete floor overlay, offering you a range of finishes and colours, using specifically formulated cement-based materials made in Australia, by our own local manufacturers – to suit Australian conditions and climates.  The results speak for themselves, and we’ve ensured you’ll get the highest quality products, to give you a better concrete flooring system than anything else on the market – and fantastic choices to suit a very broad range of design applications.

Ecoflor® products are installed by CSG trained applicators, and our experts are all specifically trained in matching tone and texture for exclusively-tailored designer finishes.

CSG is ON-CALL to provide Technical Support in your design stages, onsite back-up when you need answers and advice to unexpected adjustments that need to be made to your original building plan specifications, and all of the expert know-how you require about what surface product, sealer and finish will best suit your space.

Our Easy Quoting Process means you’ll be able to make enquiries over the phone, via email, and through the transfer of online images, to get your quote more quickly and simply.  Like everything else about Ecoflor®, we want you to feel confident that there will be no unpleasant surprises.  We have a structured quoting process for projects that can be categorized by standard types of meterage, and negotiable rates for larger projects.  Naturally, the condition and type of your existing substrate (whether new, damaged or irreparable, and including walls, floors, benchtops and stairs) will have a bearing on your pricing, as will your choice of colours, textures and pre-preparation processes.

Samples of your completed concrete floor overlay finish are also provided, so that you can test our unique flooring system for yourself, before the job begins.  Getting the right colour and textural finish to suit your space or your home, generally depends on available light, and the surrounding circumstances.  We always encourage our Builders, Architects, Interior Designers and Home Owners/End-Users to work together and make decisions using a real sample of our product.  This means you can also conduct any scratch tests, stain tests, and even use it as a doormat for a week or so, to ensure your complete satisfaction before any works begin.

And just like a warn timber floor, when your finished surfaces need a spruce-up, to bring them back to new in the years to come, our unique Ecoflor®’s Acid Stain Overlay Concrete Micro Topping System can be resealed, and even recoloured for a fresh new look.

And Every Ecoflor® Surface is Installed with a 10 Year Guarantee Australia-wide!