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Ecoflor® Acid Stain Overlay Concrete Micro Topping Systems

The Ecoflor® Acid Stain Overlay Concrete Micro Topping System and range of finishes are cement based materials made in Australia by Australian manufacturers on behalf of Concrete Services Group Pty Ltd. For best results and an aesthetically pleasing finish, the materials should always be installed by a trained and experienced installer. The concrete matrix is based on white cement and colour pigments are applied when mixing the materials on site. Also, Ecoflor Acid Stain Overlay is specially formulated to react favourably with concrete acid stains and dyes. When applied to the subfloor or subsurface they provide a cementitious surface which can be polished or left raw and requires special seal coats. The appropriate selection of sealer is crucial to the longevity of the finished surface. Concrete Micro Toppings and Overlays are similar, in strength and durability, to concrete or soft stone. It is the seal coats that protect the finished surface from staining, scratching, dusting and general wear and tear. The sealers we use and much like sealers used on wooden floor boards and the resulting Ecoflor surface would need to be treated as such. It is NOT indestructible.

Ecoflor® Acid Stain Overlay Concrete Micro Topping System cement based flooring overlay that come in a wide range of colours and finishes.
Acid Stain Overlay Concrete Micro Topping materials are strong, durable, seamless and easy to clean. They are less bulky than concrete and can smoothly cover existing floor surfaces, walls, benches or just about any architectural feature and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is UV resistant and will not fade or deteriorate.
Polishing old concrete has unpredictable results. It can reveal flaws, cracks and cavities. Ecoflor® Acid Stain Overlay Concrete Micro Topping System gives a concrete aesthetic that is consistent, modern and elegant.
Ecoflor® Acid Stain Overlay Concrete Micro Topping System is as strong as concrete but easier to maintain and has a much greater range of design applications.

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Concrete Services Group – 20 years experience in surfaces

The Ecoflor® range was developed by Concrete Services Group, a company with 20 years of experience in every kind of concrete and floor surface coating.
Ecoflor® products are installed by CSG trained applicators and their staff specifically trained in matching tone and texture for designer finishes.
CSG trained installers will give you objective advice about what surface product, sealer and finish best suit your space.
Every Ecoflor® surface is installed with a ten-year guarantee.

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