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Ecoflor® is a thin concrete material engineered to be diamond polished. Ecoflor® can be polished neat or with the introduction of aggregate. Ecoflor® produces a unique high strength cementitious floor covering designed to resurface any existing substrate providing a polished concrete surface.

The Ecoflor® range includes a variety of products that supply a variety of finishes and aesthetics. Self levelling compounds and diamond polishing can be used to create polished sheens, matte finishes or burned high gloss concrete aesthetics. No other surface can be integrated into existing spaces like Ecoflor®.

No other surface can so easily turn floors into stunning, architectural features.

Ecoflor® was developed as an alternative to polishing existing concrete floors. Polishing concrete floors may be very desirable but can uncover many uncertainties and the results are too unpredictable. Unless a building has been specified to include polished concrete, it may not suitable.

Many unsightly apparitions can appear such as severe cracking due to deficiency in crack control joints, different concrete mixes in the slab producing varying shades, over vibrated sections causing aggregate to fall away leaving dreadful patches, a popular one is cigarette butts and other rubbish, tossed in, leaving awful cavities. The list goes on because when the foundation slab was laid it was never meant to see the light of day.

Ecoflor® is a natural cement floor covering and the typical concrete character is maintained. Ecoflor offers the perfect solution to almost any architectural challenge during renovations or conversions as well as in modern rebuilds. Ecoflor allows for the creation of plain coloured concrete surfaces that are seamless, clean, modern and elegant, therefore fitting into any surroundings.

Ecoflor® has many amazing options from minimal to raw concrete floor finishes to elegant highly polished concrete surfaces with or without aggregate. Aggregate is available in varying sizes, we can introduce marble chips in stunning colours or dazzling crushed recycled glass to accentuate surrounding decor and create bona fide BLING!

To begin exploring the Ecoflor® options simply view our basic range.

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Acid Stain Overlay – Concrete Microtopping

Featureflor – Self Levelling

Featureflor – Polished Concrete

Featureflor Terrazzo – Seamless Terrazzo

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